Karl Burk attends AOPA 2016 in Boston

Our prosthetist, Karl Burk, just came back from Boston where he attended the AOPA (American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association) 2016 National Assembly that took place September 8th thru the 11th.  While there, Karl attended many educational sessions such as:

Insurance Documentation

New Advancements in Foot Technology

The Benefits of a Real-Time Microprocessor Foot

Excelling at Complete Business Management

A Breakthrough in Socket Designs

The Socket-Less Socket

Suspension Solutions Utilizing Revofit and Revolanyard Solutions

Kenevo- MPK for Lower Mobility Amputees

Lower Limb Treatment Symposium:  Views from the Orthopedic and Vascular Surgeon’s Perspective

Business Solutions for Today’s O & P Executive

Prosthetic Socket Technology

Medicare Updates

One of the highlights of this assembly was hearing the keynote speaker, Former Senator Robert Kerry.  He emphasized his relentless advocacy on behalf of O & P care.  He discussed the accomplishments with the Prosthetic and Orthotic Modernization Act and the legislative environment in the four and a half months since the Policy Forum.

Karl always looks forward to this yearly event so he can equip himself with the latest information along with up and coming new advancements in prosthetic devices so he chooses the best componetry for our Action Prosthetic patients.