Bud Sink, Our GOLFER!

Bud Sink became a left below-knee amputee in November of 2011 from diabetes complications.  He chose Action Prosthetics from talking to many people and listening to their recommendations.

Bud was fitted with a below-knee vacuum socket prosthetic leg.  He loves how tight it feels when he walks; he feels safe.  And…Bud’s goal was to get back to his former job and favorite hobby-  GOLF!

Bud says his experiences with Action Prosthetics are always good.  He likes that he can get help from Karl, the prosthetist, at any time.

Bud likes that Action Prosthetics has an office right in Greenville where he lives.  He says he loves seeing the staff as they are really nice!  Bud says Karl always does the best work he can to accommodate his needs.

When asked if Bud would recommend Action Prosthetics, he enthusiastically answered, “Yes- of course!”