Kim Hiegel, Super Nurse!

In August of 2007, Kim Hiegel became a right below knee amputee from complications that arose from a Charcot fracture in the ankle. Kim has dealt with many health concerns over the years as she was diagnosed with diabetes at the young age of 16. She then underwent a kidney transplant in August of 2011 and a pancreas transplant in October of that same year! To say the least, Kim has had her share health setbacks in life but…. it has not kept her down!
Kim chose Action Prosthetics as she was not happy with the fit of her prosthesis from her former prosthetist. She was told she would just have to live with the pain! So, Kim heard about Action Prosthetics from her sister, Jackie, who worked with our Office Manager’s (Pam) husband. She inquired in 2009 and has been our patient ever since!
Kim says she likes her experiences with Action Prosthetics. She says Karl (Burk…our Prosthetist), “just gets the life of an amputee,” even though he is not an amputee himself. She is amazed at how he can watch her walk and make small tweaks and adjustments which makes walking easier and feel great. She said, “I know it sounds crazy but Karl just understands what I’m trying to tell him (when I have a problem that’s hard to explain).”
Kim’s leg utilizes an elevated vacuum socket system which has an Ossur Variflex Unity foot. Kim says her leg is very comfortable and has a great fit. She has had no blisters or other issues since coming to Action Prosthetics. Kim says her prosthesis almost feels like her real leg!
Kim says her prosthesis allows her to be totally independent. She works as a nurse at the Shelby County and Darke County jails- a very physical and mentally challenging job. When seeing Kim at work, you can tell it is a labor of love. She cares deeply about the inmates’ health. When not working, Kim is happily running after her three grandkids. She is also very busy with her step-daughter who has a full high school schedule. Lastly, Kim’s prosthesis allows her to run basic errands on her own. Kim also likes to cross stitch, read and go for walks.
When asked if Kim would recommend Action Prosthetics, she said, “Sure!” as she added, “I am very happy with the prosthetic legs Karl has built me over the years. I really like my leg!” Kim says she would tell other amputees about Action Prosthetics as she wants all amputees to get the same great care that she gets.
Action Prosthetics’ loves that we help keep Kim Hiegel independent in life! Karl (Burk, Prosthetist) says, “Kim is a very driven, hard-working individual!”