William Blanton- Always Charged and Ready to Go!

William Blanton is an above-knee amputee (right leg: 2002) from an accidental gunshot wound.  He chose Action Prosthetics because his first prosthetist left the practice and he found Action Prosthetics in the phone book.

William has a microprocessor knee with his socket which utilizes a high activity, energy storing foot.  William says his leg is very versatile on all terrains and works especially well on hills.  He likes that he has multiple batteries for his computerized knee so it is always charged and ready to go for him.

William is a very active amputee.  He works at Frisch’s Big Boy in Troy.  William also likes to play pool and participates in tournaments quite frequently.  He stays very busy with his two grandkids as well.

William says his experiences with Action Prosthetics has been great.  He says he gets great service and Karl (…Burk, prosthetist) is always on top of things.

When asked if William would recommend Action Prosthetics, he very simply said, “Yes!”