Clinton Randall, Our Walking Testimonial!

My name is Clinton J Randall and I currently live in Greenville, Ohio. I am a below-the-knee amputee on my left leg. I lost my left foot after being burn over 90% of my body in a propane gas explosion on May 27, 1992. The orthopedic doctor discover bone infection which required the immediate amputation so that I would not lose more of my leg.

After healing, I was fitted with my first prosthetic which was very tough to get used to, but finally became like a part of me. I wore that first prosethesis for over 10 years before needing a new one. I found Action Prosthetics and Karl Burk from an advertisement where I worked. That was a blessing to say the least!

Karl worked diligently to get me fitted and going in no time! He is one that cares more about his patients than anyone I have ever worked with…in any medical setting.

In 2013, I was nearly killed in an automobile crash. While recovering at a local nursing home, Karl worked to fit me with a temporarily leg so I could do more in physical therapy. He charged me nothing for his time and said, “I just want to see you get better!”

Today, I still work many hours as a breaking news and sports reporter. My leg fits like a glove and never do I have problems…but I know if I did, Karl is just a phone call away!

Action Prosthetics is amazing at not only what they do, but how they do it! Thank you to Karl and the whole staff for allowing me to continue to do what I love each and everyday!!